Inayatiyya North America Kinship Circle – Quarterly edition: March 26, 2021

The web of life on Earth in which we are profoundly interwoven, and which provides us innumerable gifts, is being critically impacted by human activity. The programs in this quarterly series explore a variety of aspects of both the spiritual and practical dimensions of this reality. These sessions are facilitated by Shams Kairys, an Inayatiyya leader for over 45 years. His love of the natural world and growing awareness of its degradation led to decades of study and efforts to deepen our kinship with all of life at this critical time.

March (3rd Friday) Kinship Circle – Postponed to Mar. 26 (4th Friday)

Responding to the Global Ecological Crisis: Kinship w/ All Beings
March 26, 2021:    3:00 – 4:30 pm EST  (Cost: free)

Join via Zoom:

Our guest presenter, Sharifa Oppenheimer, will share four directions of kinship — with the Divine, with others, with the earth, and with all creatures. We will then focus on kinship with Mother Earth and our cousins, the creatures of the earth.

Sharifa has been a student of Sufism for forty-five years. For most of that time she was a Waldorf teacher, and authored several books oriented toward parents of young children. Now retired, Sharifa has returned her attention to her love of the living earth. She offers Sacred Earth ~ Sacred Self gatherings, which explore our inter-being with Gaia, and has written an as-yet-unpublished book of poetic meditations on Sacred Ecology. She is the mother of three grown sons and grandmother to many grandchildren, and lives with her husband in an enchanted forest in Virginia.

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