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The Call of the Sacred: Healing our Relationship with the Earth
December 18, 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern VIDEO, Healing our Relationship with the Earth with Wali Via (Audio), Wali Via’s Nature Meditation (Audio)
Humankind is far removed from nature both within and without, and has become an exile from the ideal state of life.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan
If one only knew what intelligence, what emotion, what beauty lies beneath the spectacular display of life on the planet, one would realize how much is gained by discovering and contacting this world of the soul.” – Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

The global ecological crisis is calling us to become a healing force on the planet by radically changing our relationship with the Earth. When we realize that the connective strands of the web of life are sacred, we treat them with reverence. In establishing this covenant with nature, a shift of consciousness dawns. Our choices and actions are no longer bound to fear for survival, or economic opportunity, but are inspired by respect and love. Most of you reading this know of this awakening; we look forward to exploring its implications together.  For the zoom link go here.
• Shams Kairys has been an Inayatiyya leader for over 45 years. His love of the natural world and growing awareness of its degradation led to decades of study, and efforts to deepen our kinship with all of life at this critical time.

• Wali Via is a retired biodynamic farmer living in western Oregon, in the ancestral lands of the Chelamela tribe of the Kalapuya. He has been leading ceremonies for the healing of the Earth farmers for many years. His passions include serving in various roles in the Inayatiyya, spending time in the wilderness, composting, nature photography, and playing with his grandchildren.

Indigenous Reconciliation, Inclusion and Unity:
Exploring the Love Languages of The Algonquin People in Canada

November 20 SLIDES, VIDEO
Murshid guides our exploration of the languages of love needed for these times in The Art of Personality and Unity of Religious Ideals. Grandmother Judi and Mu’izza Mizen have worked together guiding Indigenous Reconciliation, Unity and Inclusion with the Ottawa Inayatiyya community over the past 12 years. They will share with us the qualities needed in this process.
Wab Kinew (a Canadian Indigenous wisdom keeper and leader): “Reconciliation is not something that happens on a grand level, when a prime minister and national chief shake hands. It is realized when two people come together and understand that what they share unites them and their differences need to be respected.”

Having Civil Conversations in Difficult Times
October 16, 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern

This month we will share how our beloved community can reach across the great divide that partitions our current landscape. Join us as we explore how we can bring a spirit of loving-kindness to our interactions with others – especially with those with whom we disagree. Come with a sense of inquiry and a commitment to dive deeply as we seek to shed light on our relations with others. Join Batina Sheets, retired Texas Child Protective Services social worker and active retreat guide, Espabad Babbs, attorney, social worker and retreat guide, and others as they frame our time together.

Longing to Belong: Responding to the Crisis of the Day with Love
September 18, 2020

We live in a time of turmoil and change. Come share your wisdom as we look to the words of Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Khan, and former-Representative John Lewis for ways to avoid the spirit of agitation and create a loving community that sustains us. Facilitators for our sharing are two members of the Kinship Council: Nur Azad Mangold, spiritual guide and psychotherapist, and Batina Sheets, retired Texas Child Protective Services social worker and retreat guide.

What is Mine and Ours, To Do about the Ecological Crisis
August 15, 22 & 29, 3:00 – 4:30 pm EDT

In these 90 minute sessions, we will explore the ecological crisis with diverse co-presenters, breakout groups, full-group discussion, and tie-in with environmental justice. Hosted by Shams Kairys, a long-time student of global ecology, and former vice president for Kinship.

Registration required, with the fee for the three sessions $11-33, sliding scale. All are welcome and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Some of the funds raised from this event will support the Prison Book Project. If possible, participants are encouraged to attend all three programs.

Session 1: Global Warming and Climate Disruption – August 15 (VIDEO)
Climate Change 101 features a presentation by Isfandarmuz Maggie Hanna, a geologist with expertise on reducing our environmental footprint and developing a post-carbon future. She will provide a simple, accurate understanding of the basic science of climate change, along with a glimpse of energy systems of the future. For the Powerpoints and resources on this Kinship Circle go to Belonging to the Human Family on our Resources page.

Session 2: What impedes, and supports,  our ability to make personal changes to address the crisis, and to engage others? – August 22 (VIDEO)

This exploration will include a presentation by Helena Doku, co-founder of Haywanat, a new Inayatiyya network that brings young adults together to seek ways to address the ecological crisis using earthly healing practices and engaging in sacred activism. To view the recorded session:

Session 3: What can the Inayatiyya community do to help remedy the ecological crisis, and how can I help bring that about? – August 29 (VIDEO)

This session features a presentation on Agriculture and Climate Change by Firos Holterman ten Hove, an agricultural engineer specializing in organic methods, and vice president for Ziraat in Europe. For the Powerpoints and resources on this Kinship Circle go to Belonging to the Human Family on our Resources page.

Other 2020 Events
All Together Now

Conversations on Identity and Inclusion: A four-part series of on-line calls for Inayati leaders: March to May 2019
Growing out of a desire to overcome feelings of separation, the Inayatiyya Order Worldwide Message Council has encouraged conversations and communion, exploring that which makes us unique and that which unifies us. Inayatiyya Order North American leaders, emergent leaders and leaders in training in all Activities are invited to participate in a series of Zoom calls where we begin to explore our identities – the realities of our lived lives – acknowledging and honoring our differences. We hope to work as a group to discover, “What does it take to be part of a collective ?”

July 17, 2020
We will consider what it means to serve one another. We will be joined by Board members of the Delhi-based Hope Project, Pir Vilayat’s legacy service activity. They will share the inspiration behind the Project, the history and evolution of programs offered, and provide an update on how the Coronavirus is impacting the communities served.
Come and connect! No advance registration required.

“Love lies in service. Only that which is done, not for fame or name, nor for the appreciation or thanks of those for whom it is done, is love’s service.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

June 19, 2020

As we explore Murshid’s teachings on Kinship, we will contemplate a seed thought. We will engage in both large and small group discussions. Come and connect! No advance registration required.
Today the world is crying for justice and equity. Rabia Povich, Vice President of Kinship in North America, along with others will facilitate a heart-centered discussion on awakening justice with courage and kindness.  As a springboard for our personal reflections we will contemplate the 5th Sufi Thought: “There is One Law, the law of reciprocity, which can be observed by a selfless conscience, together with a sense of awakened justice.”

April 18, 2020
The Global Ecological Crisis: Responding with Love & Courage to the Call
The Kinship Activity of North America will host an online, inter-generational zoom call to reflect on the planetary ecological crisis. On this call, Shams Kairys, who has focused on this predicament for decades, will open with some thoughts on how we can strengthen the capacity to sustain our gaze on the fraying of the natural world and maintain a positive spirit of engagement, followed by reflections from Sab Bonfonti, a community organizer and facilitator working on social and ecological issues in diverse settings. The call will offer an opportunity to connect with others concerned about this critical issue with time for small group breakout discussions and full group sharing. This event is free and open to the public.

For an archive of 2017-2019 Events, please go here.

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